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Black Wing Screamin’ Eagle 50 Watt Head and 4 X 12 Cab
Head: $5,000.00; 4 X 12 Cab $1,199.00 SCREAMIN' EAGLE 50 WATT CLASS AB HEAD A serious amp for the working musician. Easy to dial in yet packed with the tools necessary to satisfy even the most demanding gear-heads and tone-geeks. Audio-grade components, one-percent-tolerance parts, CTS pots, Carling toggle switches, Switchcraft metal jacks—not plastic jacks—and American-made transformers. All tube amp with custom Celestion 60-watt speaker that makes the amps sound really punchy, full and articulate. This amp doesn’t just scream… it soars! •CLASS AB 50 WATT USING 2 EL34 TUBES •2 CHANNEL, CHANNEL SWITCHING AMP •DEEP BOTTOM, QUIET RUNNING •PASSIVE EFFECTS LOOP •SOLID STATE RECTIFIER •2 SPKR OUTS •TRANSFORMERS MADE IN USA •5X 12AX7, 2X EL34 •HIGH GRADE COMPONENTS One of the last amplifiers built by James Heidrich before his passing. It is initialed and dated on the chassis.
not rated $1,199.00$6,199.00 Select options